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Once, long long ago, there lived a race of super gnomes with super abilities. These gnomes knew one truth, all humans must be eliminated! The gnome elders set to work on a plan to get rid of the human infestation. In their research they found that humans were obsessed with their lawns, so the great strategist Glortraix came up with the idea that if the humans' lawns were destroyed they in turn would be also. Glortraix set to work to find a team of gnomes with the ability to destroy human lawns through bringing all the focus on themselves and he found....

Yard Gnome with dagger

Murdery with his super stab stab stabby power!
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Nome or gnome? Now exposed!

Perverty - with the power to make you feel dirty and want to work out more...
Choose Painted or Unpainted.

The protective gnome!

Bust-A-Cappy with his make you dead powers...
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Gno butts about it! Hold the cheeky comments!

Assy - with his ass magic...
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Fred is dead. That's what I said!

Fred, the cute one of the group, with the power of love.
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Tranny on dress-up day.

And Tranny, with the power of fishnet hose!
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Best Value!
For a complete set of all the above!

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Together will they be able to stop the human menace once and for all? Will they eat the whole thing?!?! And will Fred and Bust-A-Cappy fall in love?

A few details...

The gnomies are all about 13 inches tall.

Gnomes are made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for them to be shipped. Custom gnomes - please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Want a custom gnome?
Make a gnome of of your boss, your mom, your most hated enemy. It will be fun and make them soooo happy!!! Any sort of gnome you want we can make. Maximum of 13 inches tall, allow up to 6 weeks.

Order today! Time waits for Gnome Man!
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